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Welcome to the Green Home Planner!

Using the Green Home Planner involves four easy steps:

  1. Create a user account (or sign in to an existing user account if you have already created one)
  2. Create a house profile on the My House tab
  3. Choose your upgrades and/or renovations on the Upgrades tab
  4. Print a report from the Progress Report tab

Anywhere you see a icon, you can click on it for help or more information about how to use the Green Home Planner.

User Account: Once you have created a user account you will be able to log back into the Green Home Planner at any time to keep track of your house renovation progress. Your house profiles and upgrades will all be saved for you, with all the changes you made the last time you used the planner.

House Profile: To get accurate information about your energy savings, you will need to enter some basic information about your house. The House Profile page in the My House tab is where you do this.

Upgrades: The Upgrades tab is the main page of the Green Home Planner where you will choose which upgrades or renovations you want to make on your house.

Progress Report: Once you have chosen all of the upgrades you want, click on the Progress Report tab to prioritize your renovation projects and see a summary of your plan which you can print out on paper.